Laboratory Chairs

Your lab chair is your most trusted companion! 

Whether helping you tackle a long bout at the bench or supporting you while you pound out page after page of a grant proposal, if you will be sitting around for a long time, you better have the most comfortable chair!

Choose Stellar Scientific when you need a desk height, medium bench height or high bench height chair or stool. We have the most popular sizes with all the accessories you need to get comfortable.

Our chairs come with a whopping fifteen-year warranty on parts and a lifetime warranty on the piston. 


All Stellar Scientific workplace seating features user-friendly design that keeps pace with the evolving study of ergonomics, offering ease of sitting and rising, unencumbered motion, and long hours of seated work. Easy controls put everything within intuitive reach.

Adjustable footrests help circulation and ease fatigue. Optional armrests aid in preventing cumulative trauma disorders, while easy height adjustments put anyone on proper eye level.


Stellar Scientific chairs are made for long life, with a choice in bases of heavy-duty chromed aluminum or nylon reinforced fiberglass. Seat and back materials include customizable fabric or vinyl, super-tough polyurethane, or seven-ply hardwood. Upholstered chairs and stools have high-density molded foam, and our upholstery fabrics and vinyl withstand over 100,000 double rubs, far above industry standards of 15,000 double rubs.


Stellar Scientific's high quality interlocking and interchangeable product components provides for a competitive edge by creating a customizable configuration array that answers any type of workplace seating demands and allows for rapid order turnaround.


Stellar Scientific offers a wide array of fabric coverings that will complement any décor, and offers over 50 colors of vinyl to select from, with seven standard colors for fabric and vinyl. Customers can supply their own material (COM) in any color

Check out this PDF to learn more and see the helpful measuring guide to pick the right chair