Motic AE31

With the introduction of its premium AE31 series of inverted microscopes, Motic joined the group of manufacturers capable of providing High-End optics, ergonomic design and craftsmanship at an affordable price point. 

The AE31 series is the perfect solution for all kind of routine microbiological work in clinical and pharmaceutical laboratories as well as in demanding University teaching and research environments.

Designed for routine as well as research applications, the AE31 Series meets most of the requirements of an inverted microscope. Motic’s proven CCIS® Infinity Optics guarantees superb image quality and maximum reliability. The model’s long-working distance objectives ensure an efficient work through a wide variety of laboratory applications.

Standard Contrast techniques such as Bright field and Phase contrast are supported by the AE31’s optimal light management system, featuring easy-to-use standard Koehler illumination. Upgrade-ability to EPI- Fluorescence is also offered for entry level research applications.