Reagent Reservoirs

Sometimes called troughs or solution basins, liquid handling reservoirs are used in a wide variety of laboratory applications.

Stellar Scientific offers a comprehensive collection of reservoirs sized from 5ml to 100ml to maximize your efficiency while staying focused on preserving precious and costly reagents.

Choose sterile or non-sterile reservoirs. Bulk packed reservoirs are the most popular choice for ELISA and other assay heavy labs where sterility is less important.

Most of our reagent reservoirs are made of polystyrene and have limit chemical resistance if your work involves harsh chemicals like chloroform, etc. 

Select one of our polypropylene reagent reservoirs for enhanced chemical resistance and durability.

The Tri-fill is one of the more unique and popular polypropylene reagent reservoirs that meets this need. 

Our reservoirs incorporate several desirable features such as:

  • Corner "bump-outs" which make it easy to separate stacked reservoirs.
  • A sharp "V" base that drives reagents towards the bottom of the trough for easy retrieval.
  • Pour-off spouts on each corner for returning excess reagent and saving you money.
  • Crisp graduation lines for visualizing volume.

With our "Stellar Service Promise" you can be assured you won't pay the same price for sterile and non-sterile product.