RNA Sample Prep

Extraction of RNA is well-known to be a difficult process due to the low stability of the RNA molecules and the abundance of RNases.

MicroGEM’s RNAGEM solves this with extremely fast, temperature-controlled RNA extractions that simultaneously lyses cells and eliminates RNases. The RNAGEM kit is highly adaptable to a range of extraction volumes and can be scaled depending on cell count. After extraction, an optional DNase treatment is included to enrich for RNA.

The RNA is immediately ready for downstream applications, such as RT-PCR and RT-qPCR. These reagents can be added directly to the RNA sample for a simple, streamlined 96-well plate protocol.

RNAGEM is optimized to work with a number of different culture types, including cells in suspension, adherent cells, cells stored in RNAlater™, cell pellets, and FACS and LCM.

The RNAGEM kit allows for total nucleic acid extraction or just extraction of RNA depending on your needs


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