Finance My Purchase

Welcome to the easiest way to accelerate your science. 

Instead of spending tens of thousands of dollars at once on costly but necessary lab equipment like ULT freezers, high-speed centrifuges, incubators and more, a simple credit application will let you spread those payments out and put more of your precious funds to work now. 

Start collecting data sooner instead of waiting on borrowed equipment or purchasing risky, used equipment that could eat up money and valuable time. 

Here is a quick overview of the steps to making an order with financing: 

  • Complete the online lease application or contact Taycor for a hard copy application
  • You will be contacted directly by Suzanne Costa at Taycor Financial to discuss and decide upon best payment option and term. Additional credit information may be requested at this time for approval submission
  • Suzanne will submit your application for credit approval
  • Once approved, E-Docs will be sent via email to you for signature
  • Upon receipt of signed E-Docs and any required downpayment or advance payment, Taycor will issue a Purchase Order on your behalf to Stellar Scientific and your order will be shipped
  • Lease will commence upon delivery of products