I Sit for Science™ Seat Cushion with Handle Grip

I Sit for Science™ Seat Cushion with Handle Grip

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Tush Cush....

Butt Buffer....

We're not really sure what to call these yet. 

One thing we know - Your glutes get quite a workout pouring over your bench work every day. 

If you've ever suffered from PCR Butt, a numbness that creeps in after hours of sitting, we've got a cure for you. 

These handy seat cushions are waterproof and come with an integrated handle for easy positioning and transporting. 

Use them in the lab or take them to your favorite sporting event to insulate you from cold or wet concrete. 

The handle contains a removable, floating key chain, making them great for use at the beach or pool. 

Each seat cushion is emblazoned with a cute graphic and testament that lets people know your sedentary work day is really hard!

Buy one for yourself or get one for free with your order of 2+ cases of our fabulous See-More™ PCR plates or 5+ packs of our See-More PCR Strip Tubes