Stellar Scientific - i am SMART PEN™

Stellar Scientific - i am SMART PEN™

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Ever pulled a late-night session grinding your way to the grant finish-line only to be struck down with writer's block?

Fear no more!

Whenever you need a moment of brilliant inspiration, whip out your trusty i am SMART PEN™ and shine the light of wisdom down on your troubled work. 

Pen glows whenever smart ideas are percolating on the cusp of your mind* (but does not glow blue when Orcs are around). 

The i am SMART PEN™ is the perfect gift for agony-filled scientists, Dungeon Masters, Wizards, Ring-bearers and anyone else who needs to shine light upon the dark places of the Earth. 

You can get your for free when you purchase any quantity of our amazing Lab Notebooks

* Just kidding. You need to push the button at the top to activate. But wouldn't it be cool if it did?