Horrible Hair Day Howie™

Horrible Hair Day Howie™

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You know all about those terrible hair days. That tired and unmanaged look starts with the top of your head and works its way down your face. Its probably a good idea to call in sick and work from home. 

But what about that important video conference call at 10AM? How do you show up without showing everyone you're still in pajamas?

That's where Horrible Hair Day Howie™ comes to the rescue. Just slip Howie over the top of your laptop and cover up the built in camera.

Howie will keep you smiling knowing your image is safe and sound. 

Horrible Hair Day Howie™ is also great for keeping unwanted hackers from remotely turning on your camera and watching your keystrokes while you access sensitive websites and personal information. 

Is your screen building up dust? Just flip Howie over and use his soft, curly hair to attract the dust and restore crystal clarity to your monitor. 

Get a free Stellar Scientific Horrible Hair Day Howie™ when you request a sample of our Teepa Tips pipette tips, Flow Cytometry tools or liquid handling reservoirs!