Where Can I Find The Perfect Sized Screw Cap Tubes for Collecting Saliva for SalivaDirect Testing?

Where Can I Find The Perfect Sized Screw Cap Tubes for Collecting Saliva for SalivaDirect Testing?

Scientists around the world are rushing to develop a cheaper, faster and more accurate method to screen for Coronavirus.

In the last few weeks, rapid antigen detection tests like the ones by Quidel, BD and Abbott have occupied the news as has the NBA sponsored, Yale University produced, Saliva Direct PCR test.

While SalivaDirect is not a rapid test, it is being called a game-changer because of the simple, pain-free method of sample collection and its lack of dependency on costly reagents that have been desperately in short supply.

On the collection side, it is much less invasive to collect a sample of spit than inserting a nasal swab deep into the nasal cavity.

Unlike PCR tests, the SalivaDirect samples do not need Viral Transport Media or refrigeration to remain stable prior to testing so long as the patient saliva is collected in a sterile container.

In the written protocols for SalivaDirect it is recommend that the sterile saliva collection tube have a screw cap lid for security, a conical bottom for easy vortexing and should be wide enough to allow for the sample to be extracted from the bottom without introducing contamination.

Flat bottom tubes and narrow tubes, like a 15mL conical tube are not recommended, while wider mouth tubes are given a green light.

Stellar Scientific offers two exceptional sterile screw-cap tubes which meet and exceed the requirements for successful saliva sample collection.

The 5mL CentriCutie tube and the 30mL “Chub” tube.

Both of these sterile screw-cap tubes are designed for easy vortexing of samples and both have a lower profile so the sample can be removed with a 1mL filter tip pipette with little concern of contacting the vessel walls and introducing contamination.

While Yale has made the technology behind SalivaDirect test open sourced, three independent laboratories were recently designated by Yale to offer their test.

These developments have increased interest in saliva testing and caused these two tubes to suddenly become challenging to keep in stock.

Manufacturing is rapidly expanding capacity and by the end of the year will be able to produce more than enough 5mL and 30mL screw-cap sterile tubes for collecting patient saliva.

If your laboratory is looking for the perfect sterile screw-cap collection tube for collecting patient saliva, now is the time to get in line and place your order.