Stellar Scientific is Your Source for Conical Centrifuge Tubes in All Shapes and Sizes

Stellar Scientific is Your Source for Conical Centrifuge Tubes in All Shapes and Sizes

As we were loading up the newest member of our centrifuge tube family, a stubby 30mL conical tube appropriately named The Chub™ Tube, we were struck by the incredible range of centrifuge tubes that can be bought from Stellar Scientific. 

If we use a broad definition of centrifuge tube to include plastic tubes that can be centrifuged, even though that is not their primary use, we estimate there are over seventy varieties of laboratory centrifuge tubes that are available to purchase from Stellar Scientific. 

Unless specified, all centrifuge tubes available from Stellar Scientific are RNase/DNase and human pyrogen free, and most are sterile. 

To give a perspective of how many centrifuge tubes are in Stellar Scientific's catalog, we've prepared this handy, but not exhaustive, list which has been organized moving from the smallest of tubes to the largest centrifuge tubes. 

PCR individual and strip tubes

Our See-More™ family of PCR tubes includes low-profile 0.1mL PCR tubes and high-profile 0.2mL PCR tubes

Our PCR tubes come with attached caps, either flat (for writing on) or domed (designed to reduce condensation by increasing contact with the thermal cycler lid) are crystal clear for end-point and real-time, or qPCR reactions.

Stellar Scientific See-More™ PCR tubes are also available in a variety of colors to assist with separation of samples and assays by color code. 

0.5mL and 1.5mL Microtubes (also called Eppendorf tubes):

Stellar Scientific's signature 0.5mL and 1.5mL microtube, the Deadbolt Tube™, is the perfect tube for high-volume PCR reactions, preparing Western blots and any other application where samples must be heated over time at temperatures near 100C. 

The Deadbolt™ tube is a legitimate boil-proof tube that will keep your samples safe - period. 

Need a pre-sterilized tube that requires no autoclaving? 

Choose our T3 0.5mL and 1.5mL tubes available in clear, rainbow colored and either in standard bags of 500 or smaller packs of 50. 

We even have skirted 0.5mL micro sample tubes with an assortment of color caps for making lab kits

Work with light-sensitive samples? We have black out tubes in 0.5 and 1.5mL volumes and black plastic 100-place freezer boxes for extra protection and long-term storage. 

Working with sticky-proteins or other substances that require a low-binding tube? 

We have low-retention micro-centrifuge tubes in both 0.5mL and 1.5mL sizes. 

Slightly larger, but still in the microtube family, are 2.0mL tubes like our pre-sterilized conical and "Dolphin" tubes, so named because of the bottle-nose shape for producing pellets. 

Macro centrifuge tubes: 

The macro centrifuge tube line includes 5mL centrifuge tubes like our CentriCutie® and CocoaCutie™, 5mL bacterial culture tubes and 5mL flow cytometry tubes

If you are shipping samples we have a selection of 5mL and 10mL transport tubes with color coded caps

15 and 50mL conical tubes: 

In the 15mL and 50mL conical tube category we offer several choices from different manufacturers. 

Choose CellTreat conical tubes available in re-sealable bags or in environmentally friendly paperboard racks. 

Select NEST Scientific conical tubes which offer a reusable polystyrene rack

For color coding of samples or for primate labs that need to keep track of medications, the iTubesmulticolored cap conical tubes is the best choice. 

Light-safe 15mL and black-out 50mL tubes are also offered for labs that work with light sensitive samples.

We have Diamond-Max™ high-speed centrifuge tubes that are rated to 20,000xg and compatible with a wide range of centrifuge rotors. 

Need centrifuge tubes for your GLP lab? The new Centri-Solo™ individually wrapped conical tubes offer the ultimate in sterility. 

CRO and CMO labs that need higher volume centrifuge tubes will appreciate our 250mL conical centrifuge tubes by CellTreat. 

And the list goes on and on. 

When you need centrifuge tubes, Stellar Scientific has a tube for every assay or application.