Buy these Lab Consumables and Help Rid the Ocean of Plastic

Buy these Lab Consumables and Help Rid the Ocean of Plastic

“Laws” and “Sausages” as two things you should never watch being made.

Can we add “Scientific Research” to the list?

Between piles of rodent carcasses and towering bags of contaminated laboratory plasticware, it is not a pretty sight.

While I write this sentence, another thousand bags of discarded pipette tips, empty cell-culture flasks and boxes of serological pipettes are being hauled off to a non-descript incinerator for processing.

A 2015 article appearing in the Royal Society of Biology’s - The Biologist - estimated worldwide plastic laboratory waste in the range of over five million tons annually.

Currently there are no better alternatives when affordable sterility is required.

While laboratory plastic is not likely to find its way into our seas or waterways, whether they like it or not, scientific research labs are supporting a global plastic industry that has contributed mightily to polluting our beautiful blue planet.

As a distributor of laboratory plastic consumables, Stellar Scientific feels obligated to play a role in raising awareness about plastic waste and being pro-active in helping to fix generations worth of damage.

In celebration of Lab Week, we’ve decided to launch a new program that will bring some balance to the plastic equation.

We’ve discovered a wonderful business called 4Ocean that operates a world-wide network devoted to removing plastic from the ocean. In just about two years’ time they have pulled over 4.3 million pounds of plastic trash out of the world’s oceans. 

Read the 4Ocean story and learn more about them here

4Ocean supports their work through sales of bracelets made from materials (plastic and glass) they collect from the oceans.

Bracelets cost $20 and each bracelet sold finances one pound of plastic garbage removed.

We think they’re way cool, and we think you will agree.

Available in blue, but also a whole range of colors, each with a special meaning. There are colors to represent sea turtles, whales, polar bears and many other species whose lives depend on the well-being of our oceans.

Purchase $1000 or more in these signature brands of lab consumables and use the code-word OCEAN in the notes at checkout; we’ll make a $20 donation in your honor and send you a blue one for FREE.

Qualifying purchases must me made in a single order. Earn a free bracelet for each $1000 ordered.

If you are going to buy laboratory plastic, you should feel good about doing so.

Qualifying brand names are:

CentriCutie/CocoaCutie 5mL centrifuge tubes

Deadbolt boil-proof micro centrifuge tubes

T3 pre-sterilized micro centrifuge tubes

iTubes multi-colored conical tubes

See-More PCR plates and strip tubes

Teepa Tip pipette tips