Stellar Scientific 5mL Flip-Top Centrifuge Tube - Non Sterile -Two Bags of 100 - Red

Stellar Scientific 5mL Flip-Top Centrifuge Tube - Non Sterile -Two Bags of 100 - Red

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These 5mL flip-top centrifuge are often called the “Goldilocks” tube – perfect for those situations when a 2.0mL tube won’t cut it and a 15mL tube is just too much wasted plastic. 

Similar to our very popular CentriCutie 5mL centrifuge tubes except with a flip-cap for single handed opening.  

Here is a short list of how these 5mL tubes are currently being used: 

  • Master mixes larger than 2mL

  • Immunoprecipitations – It is much easier to get total bead coverage

  • Collecting blood and urine

  • Storing tissue and viruses – Think of how much precious -80 space is wasted on 3mL of virus in a 15mL tube!

  • Sample incubation – The screw-cap offers a leak-proof seal

  • Preparing injections – You cannot get the shoulders of a syringe into a 15mL tube

Our flip-top 5mL centrifuge tubes are designed with a generous lip to fit all standard 15mL rotors without having to purchase a special cushion or adapter and can be safely spun at speeds up to 4000xg. 

Purchase this special 5mL tube adapter for your 15mL rotors and you can spin these 5mL flip-cap tubes at up to 24,000 x g

The entire Stellar Scientific family of 5mL tubes are certified Rnase/DNase and pyrogen free, and sterile when noted. 


Max RCF:
24,000 x g
Temperature range:
Minus 80C to 121C - Autoclavable
Is this tube sterile?:
200/CS, 2 bags of 100