Red Capped 5mL Centrifuge Tubes, Sterile, RNase/DNase Free, Paperboard Racked, 500/CS

Red Capped 5mL Centrifuge Tubes, Sterile, RNase/DNase Free, Paperboard Racked, 500/CS

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A sterile, Rnase and DNase free 5mL graduated centrifuge tube with a tightly sealing red screw cap lid. 

These remarkable half-sized tubes are one of the most desired for laboratories performing SalivaDirect saliva testing. 

The size is perfect for collecting patient samples. The mouth is wide enough and the tube is shallow so the sample can be removed with a 200uL, 300uL or 1mL pipette without touching the tube walls. 

These sterile 5mL screw cap tubes are great for regular laboratory work too. Any place where a 2mL tube is not large enough and a 15mL tube would be too much. 

Here are just some of the ways your colleagues are using this remarkable tube:

  • Master mixes larger than 2mL
  • Immunoprecipitations – It is much easier to get total bead coverage
  • Collecting blood and urine
  • Storing tissue and viruses – Think of how much precious -80 space is wasted on 3mL of virus in a 15mL tube!
  • Sample incubation – The screw-cap offers a leak-proof seal
  • Preparing injections – You cannot get the shoulders of a syringe into a 15mL tube
  • And more!

These are Very popular in the CRO and CRM community where samples are prepared in larger volumes than the typical research lab

Other important features are: 

  • 20mm (OD) caps that seal smoothly and completely with a single 360° turn.
  • Safe for use from -86°C to 110°C - Autoclavable
  • Uses 60% less storage space than 15mL tubes
  • The 16mm tube diameter is identical to a 15ml tube. NO NEED to purchase additional equipment or adapters
  • Reduced pipette-shaft contamination concerns
  • Made from low-binding virgin polypropylene and are certified RNase & DNase free
  • Sterile tubes are also pyrogen free
  • Perform high speed spins up to 25,000 xg (when fully supported) 4,000xg when suspended in rotor 
  • Dual graduations at every .2 and .5mL 
  • Leakproof "one turn" cap
  • Height without cap/rim: 54mm
  • Height with cap: 64mm

Its the tube that is good for the planet, and good for your lab!