Stellar Scientific "You Are My COVID-19 Hero" T-Shirt

Stellar Scientific "You Are My COVID-19 Hero" T-Shirt

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Just as the very last members of the "Greatest Generation" have begun to pass on, the world finds itself in the middle of a new world war against the deadly and contagious SARS-CoV-2, COViD-19 Coronavirus. 

As in the past, there are brave men and women who are heeding the call to rise up and show the world what greatness is through their incredible devotion and self-sacrifice. 

Stellar Scientific salutes these heroes; those who will be remembered for generations to come on par with those who donned battle gear and marched into live-fire to face their enemy. 

Purchase one for yourself or for someone you admire who has answered the call. 

Purchase $700 or more in lab equipment and supplies through our website and we'll send you one for free (let us know your size XS-XL). 

Due to the current situation where our team is working remotely, please allow us 4-5 weeks to ship this product.