Shel Lab Large Capacity CO2 Dry Incubator, 31 cu ft. (SCO31)

Shel Lab Large Capacity CO2 Dry Incubator, 31 cu ft. (SCO31)

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Shel Lab SCO31 large capacity dry CO2 incubator is ideal for roller bottle apparatus and high-volume tissue culture applications and cell harvesting. It provides a precisely controlled, accurate, pure environment throughout the culturing process.

Shel Lab large capacity CO2 incubators are also used in plant cell culture, stem cell and food analysis 

Every Shel Lab large capacity CO2 incubator offers these standard features: 

  • Infrared (IR) CO2 Sensor is extremely quick to recover CO2 levels after door openings and is not affected by temperature or humidity levels

  • Advanced PID (proportional, integral, derivative) temperature control system for sensitive response. Each controller is matched to the incubator chamber volume to assure faster response to setpoint without overshoot, and quicker recovery following door openings. Indicator lights are included for visual status feedback on critical functions.
  • Unique crafted, forced-air jacket design provides excellent temperature uniformity of +/-0.5°C at 37°C

  • Ideal for roller bottle apparatus includes a flip-out ramp and guide tracks

  • Side-mounted access port for independent cables, instrumentation
  • Corrosion resistant, easily cleanable stainless steel chamber and autoclavable shelves

  • Extensive use of copper in the humidity heated CO2 feed lines and precise airflow management designed to prevent condensation adds reassurance that foreign microbes will not affect test results
  • Sealed glass window allows for viewing without disturbing the critical growth atmosphere and allows for improved gas utilization and condensate reduction 

  • 1 interior electrical outlet for powering roller bottle apparatus, orbital shakers and other instruments.

  • USB data logging capability 

24 month warranty (Parts and Labor), 7-year warranty on the IR sensor ($700 value!)



Operating Temperature Range:
Amb +8C - 60C
+/- 0.25ºC at 37ºC
CO2 Sensor Type:
Infrared (IR) +/-0.1%
CO2 Recovery Time:
< 5 minutes
Temp recover time to 37C after 30 sec door open:
8 Minutes
External Dimensions (W × D × H):
39.6" x 33.7" x 76.2" 1005 x 851 x 1936mm
Internal Dimensions (W × D × H):
32.9" x 26.1" x 63.3" 836 x 663 x 1608mm
Number of Shelves Included:
Total Shelf Capacity:
Max Load per shelf:
Maximum Total Weight Load:
5 Year Parts/Labor, & Year IR sensor