Shel Lab High Heat Decontamination (SCO6AD) CO2 Incubator

Shel Lab High Heat Decontamination (SCO6AD) CO2 Incubator

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The Shel Lab SCO6AD CO2 incubator features the ultimate in contamination control. This unit is ideal for cell culture labs where contamination can result in significant losses of both time and money.

The Shel Lab SCO6AD CO2 incubator boasts the most effective decontamination cycle on the market – dry heat for two hours at 180°C. This time/temperature relationship satisfies all global standards for decontamination.

Plus, the overall decontamination cycle (heat up to cool down) is the fastest on the market, so users will have minimal downtime on their SCO6AD. In addition, there is no need to remove sensitive components prior to running the decontamination cycle.

Standard Design Features:

Infrared (IR) CO2 Sensor is extremely quick to recover CO2 levels after door openings and ensures superior pH stability. Unique air jacket design provides excellent temperature uniformity of +/-0.25°C at 37°C.

Humidity levels, maintained through evaporation, of up to 95% Designed to minimize contamination; incudes: The fastest high heat decontamination cycle on the market without having to remove critical components Heated door to ensure superior temperature uniformity and also reduce the potential for condensation to form on the inner glass door

Durable stainless steel chamber with coved corners for easy cleaning

Exclusive heated copper CO2 inlet not only promotes temperature uniformity, but also prevents moisture from being introduced into the chamber

Optional copper shelving can be purchased

Autoclavable shelving system

Industry best warranty – 5 years parts and labor in the USA, 7 years on the IR sensor

5.9 cu f - 167L
Temperature range:
Ambient +8 - 60C
CO2 uniformity:
+/- 0.25ºC at 37ºC
Type of senso:
Infrared (IR) +/-0.1%
Humidity range control:
Up to 95%
Number of Shelves (Inculded/Total):
CO2 range:
Recovery time:
< 5 minutes
5 years parts/labor, 7 years IR sensor