VistaLab ali-Q2 LS Low Speed Pipet Controller for General Pipetting and Aliquoting With 0.3 to 3mL Volume Range

VistaLab ali-Q2 LS Low Speed Pipet Controller for General Pipetting and Aliquoting With 0.3 to 3mL Volume Range

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The VistaLab ali-Q 2 pipet controller is the only pipette aid with a separate function for performing aliquots. Never before has it been so easy to blow through routine aliquoting with this level of precision.

This new version of the VistaLab has an aliquoting dispense force approximately 50% of the original ali-Q and reflects customer feedback that desired a gentler aliquoting speed for use with extremely sensitive cell lines

In addition, the maximum aliquoting volume is 3 mL and the units are calibrated at 0.3 mL and 3.0 mL.

ali-Q 2 pipette controller can be used as a standard pipette aid with the familiar two-button technique.

But set the special dial for aliquoting any volume repeatedly from 0.3 to 3.0ml. Using the special aliquot button, a simple press is all it takes to distribute the correct amount time and again. 


  • Highly accurate and precise aliquoting without the need to “eyeball” the meniscus
  • Push one button to aliquot
  • Aliquot any volume from 0.5 to 5.0 mL
  • Compatible with all brands and sizes of serological pipets; optimal performance when using Wobble-not pipets
  • Intelligent measuring system = real-time corrections for varying environmental conditions- No adjustment necessary!
  • Accuracy and precision maintained at any dispense angle for more comfortable body positions, especially beneficial in the hood
  • Ergonomic shape design for optimal grip comfort
  • Self-standing, like all Ovation pipettes!

What are the accuracy and precision performance specs?

When using ali-Q 2 as a standard pipet controller, the accuracy and precision (CV%) is determined by the graduations on the serological pipet used, which are typically 1-2%, as well as the user’s ability to consistently eyeball the meniscus and control the liquid dispense.

When using ali-Q 2 as an aliquoting pipet controller,  accuracy and precision (CV%) specifications are as follows:

With any brand serological pipet (any size) 3% accuracy and 2% CV @ 3.0 mL ; 4% accuracy and 3% CV @ 0.3 mL

Battery life and warranty:

The ali-Q 2 takes three hours to charge fully, and will operate for 40 hours on a single charge!

The lithium battery has a life-span of 10+ years.

One-Year full warranty