BioPette Plus Four Pack Starter Pipette Kit by Labnet

BioPette Plus Four Pack Starter Pipette Kit by Labnet

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Comfortable, lightweight, exceptionally accurate, easy to use: These are just some of the accolades we receive about the Labnet BioPette™ series of liquid handling instruments. 

The entire pipette is autoclavable for convenient clean up after an "oops moment."

The generous finger hook lets the user relax their grip without fear of dropping the pipette. 

Volume may be adjusted either by rotating the plunger or turning the barrel. 

Each pipette features a simple locking mechanism to hold the volume when engaged in extended pipetting sessions. To lock, simply slide up the barrel collar. To unlock, lower the collar.  

The Starter Kit includes the following products: 

0.5 to 10µl

2.0 to 20µl

20 to 200µl

100 to 1000µl

Plus a free carousel and three packs of Labnet brand pipette tips. The Labnet Biopette is compatible with most universal pipette tips and makes a great lab partner to our Teepa Tips