Labnet ENDURO E2010-PA Modular Vertical Gel System for SDS-PAGE Includes PAGE Insert, Buffer Tank withLleads and Cooling Pack

Labnet ENDURO E2010-PA Modular Vertical Gel System for SDS-PAGE Includes PAGE Insert, Buffer Tank withLleads and Cooling Pack

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The Labnet ENDURO Modular Vertical Gel System has everything you need to run and transfer your protein gels, all in a single piece of lab equipment. The modular design includes a common buffer tank that holds specialized inserts for polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (PAGE), electroblotting (Western blots), and 2D gel electrophoresis. Save money by purchasing just the parts you need, or buy the complete set for less than the cost of each individual component alone.

The PAGE insert comes with all the components required for you to pour your own polyacrylamide protein gels, allowing you to control the gel thickness, sample capacity, and acrylamide percentage for optimal separation of your samples. With this system, pouring your own polyacrylamide gels is hassle-free. Set-up takes place directly in the PAGE insert, with a pressure bar to hold the plates in place, so that you can easily transfer your gels from the casting stand to the buffer tank once polymerization is complete. By stacking the plates, the PAGE insert can accommodate up to 4 gels at once to maximize efficiency.

Or save time by using precast gels! For convenience and consistent results, the ENDURO Modular Vertical Gel System is compatible with most brands of commercially available gels, including NuSep™, Bio-Rad™, Invitrogen™, and Cambrex™.

For Western blots, use the electroblotting insert to transfer up to 3 gels simultaneously. Prepare your transfers as usual by sandwiching your polyacrylamide gels and membrane supports in the provided fiber pads and cassettes, then place the cassettes in the buffer tank with the electroblotting insert to start your run. The coiled electrodes generate a high intensity current so that your transfers will be complete in about an hour.

For applications that require detailed protein profiling or analysis, the ENDURO 2D electrophoresis insert allows you to resolve thousands of proteins with a single run. Using disposable capillary tubes that hold 8 cm gels, this system can run up to 10 samples in the first dimension via isoelectric focusing (IEF). Gasketed ports in the 2D electrophoresis unit ensure that inserting and removing the capillary tubes is easy, and plugs are provided to close off any unused ports. Once IEF is complete, affix the gels to standard vertical polyacrylamide gels for protein separation in the second dimension using the PAGE insert of the ENDURO system.

The Labnet ENDURO Modular Vertical Gel System was built to last with high quality acrylic that prevents leaks and withstands repeated use. To safeguard your experiments, pins on each insert ensure that the lid is oriented properly so that the current, and your samples, runs in the correct direction every time. For safety, removing the lid stops power flow to the electrodes.

Each system that you purchase includes a single buffer tank and lid, leads, a cooling pack, and all PAGE components: the PAGE insert, a casting stand, and 2 each of 10 x 10 notched plates, 10 x 10 plates, spacers, and 12-well combs (1 mm thick; 35 µl volume). For added flexibility, other PAGE accessories, including color-coded combs and spacers of different sizes, are also available.

In addition to the PAGE components listed above, the electroblotting system also includes 4 cassettes and 8 fiber pads; the 2D electrophoresis insert comes with 20 capillary tubes, 20 tube supports, and 10 blocking plugs. Additional cassettes, fiber pads, capillary tubes, and cooling packs are also available for purchase.  

Gel Dimensions:
10cm x 10cm
Buffer Volume:
250 mL 1200 mL 500 mL
2 gels per run
Maximum samples:
20 per gel
Included items:
2 ea 10 x 10 notched plates, 2 ea 10 x 10 plates w/spacers, 2 ea 1 mm comb, 12 wells, PAGE Module, casting base

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