Liquid CO2 Backup for ULT Freezers

Liquid CO2 Backup for ULT Freezers

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Connect your Haier Biomedical or other ULT freezer to a liquid CO2 tank as backup security. 

When storing clinical samples and other "one of a kind" samples, a CO2 backup system provides an additional level of protection to keep samples frozen in the unexpected event of a power outage or other electronic system failure. 

Works with any ULT with an internal port

Small footprint and simple to program and operate. 

The unit features a liquid CO2 test button to ensure the backup system is working and a low CO2 alarm system that alerts the user when liquid CO2 cannister is low. 

The unit is covered in stainless steel and the input pipe id designed for flexibility and ease of cylinder positioning. 

A durable battery lasts up to 48 hours. 

Check out the SPECS tab for details. 

Cooling performance:
Temperature Range:
-40 to -70C
Exterior Dimensions:
7.8 x 15.7 x 6.3 inches