Labnet ENDURO Gel XL E0160 Electrophoresis System

Labnet ENDURO Gel XL E0160 Electrophoresis System

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The ENDURO Gel XL Electrophoresis System is a unique, all-in-one product that will quickly become one of your favorite pieces of lab equipment. With two sizes of gel trays, four combs, a casting stand, a tank that can hold multiple gels, and even a digital power supply, this system includes everything you need to make and run horizontal RNA and DNA agarose gels for the price of a standard power unit alone.

Our DNA gel electrophoresis system has the versatility to fit all of your experimental needs, whether you have one sample or a 96-well PCR plate. With this product, you can run a single 12.5 x 12 cm gel or run multiple gels simultaneously, with the option of two 12.5 x 6 cm small gels or four 6 x 6 cm micro gels. To accommodate large sample volumes or numbers, the dual-sided combs (14 or 28 teeth) allow you to control well capacity and quantity—load up to 112 samples at a time, perfect for high-throughput experiments.

Unlike most DNA gel electrophoresis systems, our universal casting stand doesn’t rely on tape or leaky rubber gaskets that constantly fall out of place. Instead, just place the desired gel tray in the casting box, prepare the gel as usual, and use the convenient handles to remove the tray once the gel is ready. Appropriately-spaced grooves along the sides of the casting stand hold the reversible combs in place for even and consistent positioning.

Our compact power supply truly sets our product apart from the rest: it attaches directly to the gel tank, saving shelf space and eliminating cumbersome power leads that can fray, tangle, or fall into the buffer-filled tank. Run gels at the constant voltage (up to 150V) or amperage (up to 400ma) of your choosing for the perfect balance of band resolution and speed.

Programming the power supply is easy, and the unit automatically remembers the last-used settings to simplify set-up. The power supply also includes a timer with an audible alert: never worry about running your DNA products off of the gel again!

The large display on the power unit and the clear gel tank lid make it easy to monitor the status of your gel as it runs. Once finished, the power supply can be detached from the DNA gel tank with the touch of a button for easy storage and portability. Because the gel trays transmit UV light, there is no need to remove your gel from the tray to visualize your DNA bands, reducing mess and contact with ethidium bromide.

Like all Stellar Scientific products, this DNA gel electrophoresis system was designed with safety and quality in mind. Built to last, the delicate electrodes are protected by special cassettes that prevent damage. Because overheating reduces the resolution of DNA products, the vented lid releases heat to enhance performance. For your protection, a magnetic safety sensor instantly shuts off the current if the lid is removed during operation.

By putting you in control, the ENDURO Gel XL Electrophoresis System lets you achieve optimal separation of your DNA products.

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10 x 6.7 x 2.5 in./24.5 x 17 x 6.2 cm
1 large (12.5 x 12 cm), 2 small (12.5 x 6 cm), 4 micro (6 x 6 cm)