SmartDoc Gel Imaging Hood for Use with Cell-Phone and Tablet Cameras

SmartDoc Gel Imaging Hood for Use with Cell-Phone and Tablet Cameras

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This is our most affordable gel documentation unit. Perfect for labs of all sizes, and at a price that even a high-school/community college can afford! Now - at a much lower price!

  • Works with smart phones and tablets, including iphone™, ipad™, Samsung, HTC and Droid™
  • Instantly share images (text, email or cloud)
  • Adjustable focal distance (for optimum focus)
  • Works with UV & blue light transilluminators
  • Two filter options (for all common stains)

The SmartDoc base is surrounded with a thick rubber footing to seal itself to the surface of your transilluminator.

To use the SmartDoc, simply place the enclosure over your gel and transilluminator. Lay your smart phone or tablet onto the non-slip, rubber pad, and align the camera lens over the filter.

Raising and lowering the platform allows optimization of focus and image size. Filters are available for compatibility with multiple light sources and dyes. While not absolutely required, we do suggest you select the optional 590nm filter when working with UV light and EtBr and the 535nm filter choice for Sybr Safe dyes.

The SmartDoc comes included with an ORANGE filter for viewing gels right out of the box! 

Because most UV transilluminators are much larger than the SmartDoc, it can be necessary to add the SmartMat to cover any exposed surface. You can find that product here. 

Images can be previewed on the device's display before capturing the picture. Images are easily shared, printed or transferred via text message, email or cloud sharing apps.

Gel analysis software, such as the freeware found at, can be used to analyze the image.

Combine with our SmartBlue™ blue light transilluminator for a complete documentation package for LESS than $1000!

19 x 19cm
Viewing Area:
15 x 15cm