T3 Tube 1.7mL Microcentrifuge Tube, RNase/DNase Free, STERILE, Bag of 500 Tubes

T3 Tube 1.7mL Microcentrifuge Tube, RNase/DNase Free, STERILE, Bag of 500 Tubes

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Speed up your laboratory work with these 1.7mL snap-cap conical tubes that are pre-sterilized and require no autoclaving. 

Our T3 Tube™ is the future of micro-centrifuge tubes and offers these outstanding features: 

1. Self-standing bag: Thanks to a specially designed pinch at the bottom, these bags will stand up straight making it easy to access and protect the sterility of the product. 

2. Pre-sterilized: A real time saver. T3™ tubes are gamma-irradiated and ready for immediate use. 

Of course they are certified RNase, DNase and pyrogen free for true peace-of-mind!

3. Enclosed cap-locks: No longer an add-on option. T3™ tubes provide you with a small bag of locks for complete boil-proof and freeze/proof protection.

Now available in clear and individual colors!

Other features include -

Bio-Clear polypropylene for glass-like clarity and easy viewing of sample and pellets.

Ideal for high-speed centrifugation, proprietary homopolymer polypropylene tubes are rated up to 26,000 x g.

A positive seal design allows repeated cap closures. 

Rounded cap is easy on the thumbs. 

Features external graduation marks and frosted writing surfaces.

Graduations at 0.1mL and every .025mL


Max RCF:
24,000 x g
Temperature range:
Minus 80C to 121C - Autoclavable
Is this tube sterile?:
Yes! No Autoclaving needed
500/bg 5000/CS
Is there a minimum to purchase?:
Please order a case at a time