You Need A Portable Ultra Low Temperature Freezer To Safely Deliver Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine To Remote Locations

You Need A Portable Ultra Low Temperature Freezer To Safely Deliver Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine To Remote Locations

Since World War Two there has not been a marshalling of supply chain forces like what is about to happen with the rollout of the new vaccines for Coronavirus.

The Pfizer vaccine must be stored at a super low temperature forcing everyone in the cold chain from ULT manufacturers to dry ice companies to expand production to meet the demand.

Large metropolitan centers with well-funded hospitals can afford to buy large negative 80C freezers to store tens of thousands of vaccine doses, but there needs to be a solution how to get this vaccine in the hands of small, rural communities.

A portable ultra-low temperature freezer can fill this critical gap, but to do so it must be able to do the following:

  • The portable ULT freezer must use a cooling technology that is shock-proof to withstand being bounced around in a vehicle or during handling.
  • The portable ULT freezer must maintain tight temperature control to prevent the vaccine from fluctuations which render it useless.
  • The portable ULT freezer must have multiple power options so it can be operated either from an AC wall outlet (115V) or while in transit in a vehicle DC 12-24V.
  • The portable ULT freezer must have a powerful battery back-up for where electricity is not accessible.
  • The portable ULT freezer must be lightweight and easy to transport to reduce the risk of injury to the staff administering the vaccine

The Messenger ultra-low temperature portable freezer from Z-SC1 is the obvious choice for protecting all the new vaccine candidates including the Pfizer mRNA vaccine.

Available in a compact 1-liter (100 dose) size or larger 10 liter (1,000 dose) size, the Z-SC1 Messenger ultra-low temperature freezers are ruggedly built, lightweight and will operate maintenance free for up to 50,000 hours!

The 10L capacity Messenger has built-in wheels and a tow handle to reduce or eliminate back strain from lifting a fully loaded freezer which will weigh in excess of 60 lbs. 

Which of these two portable freezers looks truly portable?

If the Z-SCI Messenger looks familiar, the outer casing is built by the same team that make the YETI- The most recognized and desired cooler on the planet.

The 10L Z-SC1 Messenger ultra-low temperature freezer has an operating range from 30C to -80C. Use the Messenger to transport organs, viruses and up to one thousand doses of the new Pfizer or Moderna mRNA vaccines.

The 10L Z-SC1 Messenger portable freezer COMES equipped with a Lithium-Ion battery providing power for up to 10 hours.

That is time enough to keep an organ cold for a cross country flight or a full day’s work administering Pfizer mRNA vaccine in a remote clinic.

The small 1 Liter capacity Messenger portable freezer has an operating temperature range from 4C down to -80C.

Both Messenger models use a moving-part-free Stirling piston engines to drive the temperature down. 

They are the only portable ultra-low temperature freezer which can protect all three of the leading vaccine candidates

The 1L Messenger maintains the set temperature within a remarkable +/-0.5C range while the 10L Messenger stays within an industry leading +/- 2C.

Both units can be equipped with a digital locking device to protect expensive cargo from thieves.

Criminals have begun targeting the vaccine cold chain.

Given the demand for a limited commodity, it will surprise no one to find freezers full of vaccine suddenly going missing.

Protect your community by making an investment in a Z-SC1 Messenger portable freezer for vaccine storage and delivery.