With These Motic Microscope Accessories You Can Expand the Capabilities of Your Motic Microscope

With These Motic Microscope Accessories You Can Expand the Capabilities of Your Motic Microscope

In the world of laboratory microscopes, Motic microscopes are distinguished for their brilliant image clarity and affordability.

Motic microscopes can be found in high-schools, community colleges, university laboratories and at some of the finest research institutions and biotechnology companies in the world.

Motic stereo microscopes are used for dissections of mammals, observing Zebra fish and c. Elegans, and even prized for jewelry and electronics repair.

Motic BA210E and BA310E compound microscopes are chosen by entry to mid-level academic labs for their durability and razor-sharp images that elicit “oohs and ahhs” and spark wonder; while Motic BA410E compound microscopes are a mainstay in clinical and histopathology labs where color corrected accuracy is critical to rendering a decision.

Motic AE2000 and AE31E inverted microscopes are valuable tools for cell culture and development of new technologies.

Whatever the microscopy application, Motic has an off the shelf microscope package designed to service a broad range of life-science needs.

While these Motic microscopes have been designed with a large audience in mind, scientific laboratories can customize their Motic microscope with genuine OEM parts from an authorized Motic dealer like Stellar Scientific.

Expand the capabilities of your Motic microscope with brilliant new objectives.

Motic microscope offers CCIS lead-free Plan Achromat, EH Plan Phase and EC-H Plan objectives for their BA series of compound microscopes.

Broaden your horizons with CCIS Plan Achromat or LWD Phase objectives for the Motic AE2000 or AE31E inverted microscope.

Outfit any Motic microscope using one of the special C-mount (camera mounts) designed to pair a Moticam digital camera with a Motic trinocular port.

A C-mount needs to be matched to the Moticam chip size and trinocular length for correct resolution.

Among the many available choices are a 0.35X C-mount for 1/3” camera sensors, a 0.5X C-mount for 1/3” or 1/2" camera sensors and a 0.65X for 2/3” camera chip sensors.

While Motic microscope has many pre-installed phase contrast microscope packages, sliders and condensers are available to add darkfield and phase contrast capabilities to Motic compound and inverted microscopes.

Add a world of crisp color tagging and identification with a fluorescence package for the Motic BA410E compound or AE31E inverted microscope.

Motic microscope fluorescence packages come with a 100W Mercury lamp, Epi-fluorescence attachment, and filter cube sliding rack that can hold up to four different fluorescent cubes.

Watch how easy it is to upgrade a Motic BA410E with an Epi-fluorescence package:

Expect to pay $30,000 or more for a similarly outfitted package from Nikon, Olympus or Zeiss.

Motic costs less than half with no sacrifice to image quality.

With a five-year warranty and a full complement of high-quality microscope accessories, a Motic microscope belongs in every lab.