Why Does Everyone Love These Brightly Colored Universal Fit Pipettes?

Why Does Everyone Love These Brightly Colored Universal Fit Pipettes?

Liquid handling micropipettes are among the most common pieces of laboratory equipment used for preparing samples and running tests.

Because pipettes are so frequently handled, a pipette should be comfortable and durable.

Our current top selling set of micropipettes is the rainbow colored V-pette series from Labnet.

The V-pette is sold as a starter kit that comes with four pipettes (10uL, 20uL, 200uL and 1000uL), an acrylic pipette stand and three boxes of RNase/DNase free universal tips.

What makes this set of universal pipettes so popular?

Color coded pipettes require no examination to quickly select the right pipette for an application.

This makes them popular for students and trainees as well as high-pressure labs that must move quickly and accurately.

V-pette pipettes are featherweight, which reduces the risk of wrist injury from repeated pipetting.

They are fully autoclavable. In the event of accidental contamination, they can be easily sterilized and returned to full operation.

With a tip cone designed to accommodate universal fit pipette tips, V-pette pipettes work beautifully with tips from multiple suppliers, and especially Stellar Scientific Teepa Tip brand of pipette tips.

Do the V-pette pipettes have any limitations?

Yes. V-pette pipettes do not offer a locking mechanism to prevent volume drift from repetitive rubbing of the pipette against the hands.

This concern can be easily addressed with periodic visual inspections to confirm the dials have not shifted away from their settings.

Additionally, there are no smaller or larger volume pipettes in this family. Lab technicians who prefer working with a P2 when pipetting volumes smaller than five microliters must purchase a different brand of pipettes.

Are there premium pipette brands with more features? 

Customers who desire a wider range of volumes and the ability to lock their pipettes should choose the Labnet Biopette Plus family.

Biopette Plus pipettes are available in single and multichannel pipette format.

Biopette Plus pipettes are also fully autoclavable and compatible with most universal fit pipette tips.

Both V-pette and Biopette Plus pipettes use volume wheels that are adjustable up to three digits, which is very accurate. 

The Halo universal pipette can be adjusted to four digits, is fully autoclavable and is the only brand of micropipettes to offer a 1250uL option to maximize the range. 

When purchasing Halo universal pipettes, receive free laser etching to personalize them to your liking. 

Nobody can walk away with your pipettes again!

The prices are so low! Does that mean these pipettes are not quality?

Thousands of happy scientists will say: "absolutely not!" 

Any of the universal pipettes here will perform as well as pipettes that cost many times more. 

Because pipettes are so essential to laboratory work, Stellar Scientific makes it easy to put a comfortable and accurate pipette in as many hands as possible.