What Makes An Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer from Z-SC1 The Best Choice for Storing The Pfizer mRNA Vaccine?

What Makes An Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer from Z-SC1 The Best Choice for Storing The Pfizer mRNA Vaccine?

Three critical words that are key to safe and secure vaccine storage: 

Fast Recovery Time.

Every time the ultra-low temperature freezer is opened, warmer air rushes in and causes the internal temperature to rise beyond the safe vaccine storage temperature of -70C.

The longer it takes for the ultra-low freezer to return to -70C, the chances for degradation of the Pfizer mRNA vaccine increases.

In an active clinic where throngs of patients are lining up to receive their vaccinations, there will be a significant challenge how to maintain the Pfizer mRNA vaccine at a safe and stable temperature while the vaccinations are being administered.

Will the entire contents of the freezer be emptied out at a single time each day or will it be necessary to access more vaccine throughout the day?

Each choice poses its own issues for maintaining appropriate cold storage temperature.

Removing all the vaccine at once necessitates many smaller coolers filled with dry ice but reduces the number of times the freezer is accessed.

Opening the freezer repeatedly eliminates the need for costly redundancy, but risks exposing the Pfizer mRNA vaccine to temperature swings.

Ultra-low temperature freezers from Z-SC1 offer the fastest recovery time for the best stable temperature storage of the Pfizer mRNA vaccine.

The single-compressor 27.5 cubic foot Unicore freezer cools from room temperature to -80C in under two hours while the competition’s similar sized freezers take from five to twelve hours to do the same.

Once the Z-SC1 Unicore is at set temperature, open the door for two minutes to remove some of the 60,000 vials this Unicore can store, and within twenty-five minutes the temperature has returned to normal.

Other leading brand freezers take at least an hour to rebound while the highly touted “piston” cooling freezer takes one and a half hours to return to a safe temperature .

Repeat this activity throughout the day and it could be well into the night before the competition is ready to protect vaccine again.

Based on recovery time alone, a Z-SC1 ultra-low temperature freezer is the top choice for safe vaccine storage.

But let’s not forget that Z-SC1 ultra-low temperature freezers are the only laboratory freezers on the market to feature a low-voltage sag alarm to sound the alert whenever the electrical current supplying the freezer is uneven or unbalanced.

Detecting these fluctuations early allows them to be addressed before a catastrophic failure occurs thereby exposing the contents to heat damage.

If that isn’t enough: Coinciding with the release of these exciting new mRNA vaccines, Z-SC1 is rolling out their most ambitious and safest ultra-low temperature freezer yet: The new  Twincore Eco.

Twincore Eco is the only ultra-low temperature freezer to feature a redundant dual compressor system.

All other ultra-low temperature freezers employ a two-compressor cascade system to lower the temperature to -80C.

Should either one of these compressors fail, neither by itself can continue cooling adequately.

Z-SC1 Twincore Eco freezers are like two independent freezers in one, only better!

Activate one of the compressors to achieve energy efficient cooling down to -80C and set the second compressor to idle, only turning on when needed to perform a blazing fast recovery from a door opening or in the improbable event of the first compressor failing.

There is so much hope and promise riding on these new mRNA vaccines like the one from Pfizer.

Make the safe choice and protect your community’s supply with a Z-SC1 ultra low temperature freezer.