What Is the Best Way to Store Patient Slide Samples For Long Term Study?

What Is the Best Way to Store Patient Slide Samples For Long Term Study?

Every day, histopathology labs collect one-of-a-kind tissue samples from patients. The value of such samples extends beyond their immediate diagnostic use.

It is the duty of these labs to protect and preserve their pathology samples for future research.

These patient samples are often mounted on glass microscope slides, stained and fixed, either in formalin or embedded in paraffin.

Great care must be taken to protect these microscope slides from becoming contaminated or allowing the samples to deteriorate.

A high-quality microscope slide storage box with a locking mechanism is the first line of defense toward protecting delicate samples.

Several key features to look for in a safe and secure microscope slide storage box are:

  • Made from temperature-safe materials to protect slide samples from being damaged when stored in a freezer
  • A numbered grid and corresponding key – to identify the location of each sample
  • Foam padding - Foam has excellent shock absorbing capabilities and unlike cork, foam padding does not dry out and crumble and leaves no residue
  • Textured surface - This is especially important if the microscope slides are stored in an Ultra Cold Temperature freezer where condensation can make the microscope slide box slippery.

Stellar Scientific offers polypropylene microscope storage boxes with these valuable features and more.

Available as a five-pack of gorgeous, assorted colors or in packs of individual colors.

Each box holds 100 microscope slides securely and the outside is stylishly patterned for a firm grip, even when slick.

Once secured inside the microscope slide storage box, the laboratory needs a way to organize all their samples and make them easy to retrieve.

Many laboratories will choose a stainless-steel freezer rack for storing their 100-place microscope slide boxes.

Freezer racks for 100-place microscope boxes are available in a less-expensive side-loading or high-end drawer format.

Side loading freezer racks for microscope boxes must be fully removed from the freezer to access the contents while a sliding drawer freezer rack remains inside the freezer with just the drawer removed to access the microscope slide boxes.

A freezer drawer rack also features a handy card slot on the front of each drawer to assist in identifying the contents of each freezer rack.

If protecting your histopathology patient samples is important to your lab, Stellar Scientific has the highest quality storage boxes and freezer racks you need.