What Features Make A Plant Growth Chamber Correctly Replicate Natural Conditions?

What Features Make A Plant Growth Chamber Correctly Replicate Natural Conditions?

A Lima bean, wet paper towel, plastic bag and a sunny spot on the windowsill is all it takes to witness the miracle of plant growth.

This cheap plant growth incubator provides the key elements needed to support non-native plant growth:

  • Sunlight
  • Water
  • Growth surface
  • Protection from outside elements and pests
  • Humidity

Actual plant growth chambers differ in terms of sophistication and how each variable is controlled but involve these same five components.

Which plant growth chamber to choose depends on many factors but includes:

  • The type of plant being grown
  • The stage of development
  • The duration the plant will be grown in the chamber.
  • The wavelength of light this plant thrives best.

Controlled illumination is what makes a plant growth chamber unique.

Humidity and temperature control are common features of all climate chambers. What sets a plant growth chamber apart is the type and manner that artificial sunlight is delivered and dosed.

Illumination must be on/off programmable to replicate the diurnal cycle, but it also needs to increase and decrease intensity and color spectrum to capture the changes that occur during sunrise and sunset.

Because intensity drops as distance increases, delivering uniform lighting requires creative ways of fine-tuning illumination across the interior of the plant growth chamber.

The plant growth chamber needs to be temperature balanced to counter the heat put out by the light sources. Even cooler running LEDs can speed plant desiccation.

What are the general guidelines for choosing a plant growth chamber?

A plant growth chamber needs to match the type of crop to be grown as well as provide ample room for growth.

Keeping in mind that light intensity is measured in micromoles, the hierarchy of needs looks like this:

For seed germination, very low light levels, below 80 micromoles, are needed; and very little room between shelves is required.

Growing Arabidopsis and algae requires more room, so fewer shelves can be placed in the growth chamber while illumination needs to be around 300 micromoles.

General crop and plant growth need even taller chamber space and higher light levels of 400-500 micromoles.

Indoor growing of cannabis and tobacco have the greatest needs for area and illumination – in excess of 900 micromoles.

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