What Are Some Helpful Tips For Using A Graduated Cylinder Correctly?

What Are Some Helpful Tips For Using A Graduated Cylinder Correctly?

Graduated cylinders are a common laboratory tool used for precise measuring of liquids.

These seven helpful tips will ensure that measurements taken with a graduated cylinder are accurate and precise.

1. Pick a Graduated Cylinder that is Sized Correctly for the Volume to be Measured.

If the lab needs to measure 500mL, use a graduated cylinder that will comfortably hold this amount with a little room to spare.

When using a graduated cylinder larger than necessary, accuracy is diminished.

2. Start with a Clean and Dry Graduated Cylinder to Remove Any Residue Which Can Affect the Accuracy of the Measurement.

3. Be Aware of Ambient Temperature Changes in Your Lab. 

Graduated cylinders are calibrated at a certain temperature, usually between 20 or 25C.

Using a graduated cylinder at a temperature different than its calibration point can affect accuracy of results.

4. Make Sure the Graduated Cylinder is Placed on a Flat and Level Surface

5. Fill the Graduated Cylinder Slowly to Minimize Splashing and Bubble Formation.

Tap the walls to help eliminate bubbles and wait for the meniscus to settle before taking a measurement.

6. Measure Volatile Liquids Quickly Before They Begin to Evaporate

7. View the Meniscus at Eye Level to Avoid Parallax Errors.

Always read the meniscus at the bottom of the curve where it touches the measuring line.

As with all other laboratory tools, practice makes perfect.

Learn your craft and perfect your technique with water before moving onto actual work.

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