We Are No Baskin Robbins But You Can Choose from Seven Different Flavors of Universal Filter Tips at Stellar Scientific

We Are No Baskin Robbins But You Can Choose from Seven Different Flavors of Universal Filter Tips at Stellar Scientific

We have a long-standing tradition at Stellar Scientific of keeping product options minimal as to not overwhelm customers with many similar choices.

Ultimately, our goal is to deliver the best customer service so rather than promote our one private brand of filter tips, we decided to throw open the doors and make room for as many sterile filter tip choices as we can offer.

Below are answers to some of the FAQs we are fielding daily about our selection of filter tips.

Q: Are you scraping the bottom of the barrel? How good are these filter tips?

A: We are NOT lowering our standards. 

These filter tips are sourced from reputable named companies, not black or gray market sources.

At a minimum, these filter tips share these traits:

1. All the filter tip pipette tips we offer are manufactured either in a Class 100,000 clean room or a similar level of independently verified approved facility.

2. All the filter tip pipette tips we offer are RNase/DNase free and human pyrogen free.

3. All the filter tip pipette tips we offer come individually wrapped in reusable and autoclavable racks.

4. All the filter tip pipette tips we offer are compatible with a wide range of universal pipettes from manufacturers including: 

Biohit, Eppendorf, Gilson, Labnet, Thermo Fisher (Finnpette) and some of the Rainin models, to mention a few.

When indicated, some of these universal fit pipette tips have low-retention hydrophobic properties to maximize sample recovery.

These filter tips are from names you know and trust: 

Celltreat, Globe Scientific, Labcon, Oxford Lab Products, and more.

Q: If I order filter tips today, are they in stock? When can I expect them?

A: It will depend on the brand

Here is what to expect from the different lines of filter tips we offer:

1. Teepa Tips – These are warehoused in Baltimore

Teepa Tips are have become so popular, they are being sold against incoming inventory.

Customers place orders and wait their turn while we fill older orders first.

Customers can order an unlimited number of Teepa Tips, but we will only ship a maximum of two cases of each SKU from new arrivals until the order is complete.

We are currently filling orders from the end of December and early January.

If you place an order now, expect to receive your Teepa Tips sometime between April and June.

2. Oxford Lab Low-Retention Filter Tips – Also warehoused in Baltimore, but our shipment has yet to arrive.

Customers may place orders until we have exhausted the expected inventory.

We currently have available product. If an item can be added to the shopping cart, it is free and clear.

3. Mol-Flow Filter Tips – Are a drop ship filter tip with a FAST SHIPPING TIME. Currently the sizes that are most readily available are the 20uL, 200uL and 1250uL.

The average time to ship from when we receive an order is 2-21 days.

Mol Flow filter tips may or may not be low-retention tips. It depends on what is in the container.

10uL tips ship sporadically but starting in March are expected to be in healthy supply.

Since making these filter tips available just a few weeks ago, we have shipped over 850 cases of tips to customers.

That is a lot of happy filter tip customers.

4. Globe Scientific Filter Tips – These will be warehoused in Baltimore once we receive them around the first week of April.

They are available to pre-order now in sizes, 10uL, 20uL, 100uL, 200uL, 300uL and 1250u.

Unlike the other brands of filter tips, Globe Scientific filter tips are sold in smaller cases of two packs of ten racks, for a total of 1920 filter tips per case.

5. Microlit low-retention filter tips – These are drop shipped and must be ordered a minimum of ten cases per any SKU.

There are two variations of Microlit filter tips we have called CeeYa and DubYa brands based on their catalog numbering.

Both tips function the same with the differences being coloration of the tip wafers and the size of the 1mL tip boxes.

Microlit filter tips have a lead time of about three-weeks and are a good choice for laboratories doing a high-volume of COVID-19 testing with ample warehouse space.

Please check with a member of our sales team to discuss placing an order for Microlit low-retention filter tips.

6LABCON ZAP SLIK low-retention filter tips – These are shipped from our Baltimore warehouse but have suffered significant delays.

This delay affects not only their universal filter tips, but also the Labcon filter tips for Rainin LTS pipettes.

Our order was placed back in October of which we have received less than 20%. The current lead time from Labcon can extend up to 30 weeks.

We are overdue to receive more from our order, but we do not know exactly when.

The inventory for these filter tips is live – If it can be added to a shopping cart, the product may be in stock now, but is certainly unclaimed and can be purchased now. 

Please give us a call to discuss before making an order. 410-764-2225 - We are ready to serve you!