Vapourtec Newsflash - As the first U.S. distributor, we’re proud to offer the Vapourtec SF-10 pump!

Vapourtec Newsflash - As the first U.S. distributor, we’re proud to offer the Vapourtec SF-10 pump!

Every lab needs a pump, but not just any pump will do. Now, we can bring you a great one—the Vapourtec SF-10 peristaltic laboratory pump. In fact, Vapourtec (Suffolk, UK) just made Stellar Scientific the first U.S. distributor of this pump. Here’s why!

Thinking about this choice, Dr. Hannah Chilvers , Distribution Manager at Vapourtec, says, “I was excited by how Stellar Scientific likes to nurture innovative products of which the SF-10 is one.” 

She adds, “I also like the enthusiasm and energy of Stellar Scientific and feel they would well represent Vapourtec and the SF-10 in the USA.”

Recently, Vapourtec unveiled this great new business relationship. This connects two companies that are intent on bringing innovation to scientists.

As Vapourtec notes: “At the heart of Vapourtec lies a firm commitment to sound engineering, ensuring reliability and robustness is built in from the start, and this is reflected in the satisfaction of our customer base, many of whom have already returned to place repeat orders.”

Vapourtec is a great company, and the SF-10 is a great product to represent. 

Many engineers and scientists will benefit, because the SF-10 can be used in many ways.

“Thus far, we have known applications of precise reagent delivery to batch reactors, running gradients through phase columns, controlled gas delivery for batch or degassing operations, precise back-pressure control in liquid, liquid-gas or liquid-slurry systems, chemical sampling from batch reactors like NMR analytics, controlled delivery of reagents for evaporation or spray-drying processes, delivery of reagents for continuous extraction processes, and precise delivery of reagents for continuous synthesis or crystallizations,” Dr. Chilvers says, “but the possibilities and applications of the pump are endless.”

Smooth operator

Many features of the SF-10 come in handy. “The SF-10 is special because it offers smooth flow rates across the entire flow-rate range of 0.02 milliliters per minute to 10 milliliters per minute up to 10 bar pressure,” Dr. Chilvers explains. “It does not suffer the fluctuations in flow rate and pressure associated with traditional peristaltic pumps.”

This pump can also work on a wide range of materials, because of its high chemical resistance. Consequently, Dr. Chilvers notes, “the SF-10 is capable of pumping fuming nitric acid, concentrated sulphuric acid and organometallic reagents.” She adds, “It is also capable of pumping light slurries and suspensions without clogging and can meter gases.”

The features of the SF-10 make it something that almost any scientist or lab, engineer or company could use. “The versality of the SF-10 pump means that it is ideal for use in any laboratory,” Dr. Chilvers reiterates. 

Plus, this pump provides five modes of operation, constant flow rates, ramping flow rates, metering gases, volumetric dispensing and action as a precision pressure regulator.

Precision is what makes all kinds of science, engineering and manufacturing perform as accurately and as effectively as possible. 

Likewise, companies like Vapourtec and Stellar Scientific teaming up provides opportunities for even more amazing research and results. Ultimately, the enthusiasm of instrument companies fuels even more scientific discoveries.