Use These PCR Tube Racks Or PCR Plate Racks For Hands-Free Assay Preparation

Use These PCR Tube Racks Or PCR Plate Racks For Hands-Free Assay Preparation

In the beginning, there was the single PCR tube.

Because good things multiply, it was not long before someone realized you could string PCR tubes together into strips of 8 or 12 PCR tubes (amazing!)

Which led another smart person to propose a way to fuse together many strips of PCR tubes, and so the 96 well PCR plate was born.

Over time, different designs for PCR plates have emerged, producing a complex taxonomy.

“I need I high-profile, semi-skirted, 96 well PCR plate made from clear RNase and DNase free virgin polypropylene with a notch at the A12 position.”

If this makes sense, you are either a PhD or a Starbucks barista!

While each iteration increased the capacity of a PCR assay, the conical bottomed tubes still present a handling challenge because they cannot be placed on a benchtop without risking contamination or spilling their contents.

Hence, the need for a PCR tube or PCR plate rack with a flat bottom and conical shaped insets to hold the PCR tubes securely in place and allow for hands-free interaction.

PCR tube racks are typically made from polypropylene. This material is autoclavable so it can be sterilized to eliminate cross contamination concerns.

PCR tube racks from Stellar Scientific feature bold alphanumeric labeling which make it easy to keep samples organized. 

PCR tubes are small and clear making them easy to misplace. For additional security PCR racks often come with a lid to prevent the PCR tubes from spilling out when bumped or tipped on the side.

Many PCR reagents are temperature sensitive and must be kept cold while preparing a PCR assay.

There are PCR tube racks designed to be frozen overnight and then used on the benchtop for hours at the preferred temperature of 4C.

Some PCR tube racks even change colors to indicate when they have warmed beyond 4C. 

Whether your lab performs PCR for routine genotyping or large-scale qPCR testing for COVID, you need a PCR tube rack to stay organized and keep your samples safe.