This Is What Everyone Wants To Know About AltemisLab 2D Barcoded Tube Decappers

This Is What Everyone Wants To Know About AltemisLab 2D Barcoded Tube Decappers

Tube decappers by AltemisLab for 2D barcoded tubes are generating a lot of excitement and interest.

For a humorous presentation that highlights some of the unique features, you may enjoy our recent LinkedIN articles on the SwiftSwitch and Solo decappers.

With automation and sample security becoming more urgent, scientists want to know what makes the 2D barcoded tube decappers from AltemisLab different and a worthy investment.

Quite simply, AltemisLab tube decappers are without peer.

Let’s take a look at them in ascending order of sophistication and address the most commonly asked questions about each tube decapper.

The Solo tube decapper for individual tubes

The Solo decapper is an entry level tube decapper for handling small quantities of sample tubes.

The Solo comes equipped with a slotted driver that complements the grooved AlteCap 2D barcoded tube caps.

Currently there are off the shelf drivers available for many popular 2D barcoded tube brands including: Fluidx, Matrix and Hamilton

Drivers can be built to custom specifications including an external grip ring for uncapping tubes lacking cap grooves.

This means the majority of cryovials on today’s market can be uncapped quickly with the Solo and a custom driver.

The Switch tube decapper is adjustable for SBS racked tubes

The Switch tube decapper is the only handheld 2D barcoded tube decapper with adjustable spacing to decap 24, 48 or 96 place SBS racked tubes.

The secret is the side mounted slider that increases or decreases the space between driver heads to accommodate different driver cassettes.

The Switch tube decapper is operated with two hands with one button labelled for opening and the other closing.

The Switch can cap or decap up to 96 barcoded tubes in a little under one and a half minutes.

Watch this video to see how much time and aggravation can be saved using the Switch instead of manual decapping.

The Swift fully automated decapper for stand-alone or automation

The top-of-the-line Swift decapper has independent driver motors which continue to operate even if one or more rows malfunction.

The Swift decapper has a compact footprint so it can be placed on an automation deck, or nearby.

The Swift Cell version has an electronic door that integrates with a robotic arm for walk-away sample processing.

The Swift automated decapper can be fitted with cassette drivers for 24, 48 and 96 place SBS racked tubes.

Once the caps have been removed, a protective platform slides into place below the caps to prevent contamination.

AltemisLab has a 2D barcoded tube decapper for every sized lab.

It has never been easier to save time and secure samples.