This centrifuge rotor is so cool, it should have its own infomercial

This centrifuge rotor is so cool, it should have its own infomercial

The challenge of any "all in one" invention is to strike the right balance between practical and over-kill. 

The Swiss army knife is a good example of how to do it right. Every twist reveals a new tool that is useful, non-repetitive and cleverly designed to maximize space without sacrificing function. 

The new 6 x 85ml centrifuge Combi-Rotor by Hermle for their Z326 model centrifuges looks to be equally as versatile. 

Straight out of the box, this hermetically sealed centrifuge rotor can hold six 7ml tubes (like a blood draw or vacutainer tube, six 15ml conical tubes and six 85ml tubes all at the same time. 

Optional inserts may be purchased to convert the 85ml tube slots into a 50ml tube holder.

While there are few, if any, applications that call for such a variety to be used at once, the rotor gives the laboratory many options for a wide range of uses. 

As more and more labs confront funding uncertainties, it is important for labs to find ways to do more with less. A centrifuge rotor that can perform both clinical and research functions is a welcome gift to fiscally aware PIs and lab managers. 

With a maximum speed of over 13,000 rpm, or nearly 21,000 times gravity, the new Combi-Rotor delivers high performance and safety. 

Compatible with the Hermle Z326 line of refrigerated and non-refrigerated centrifuges, innovations like these make it easier than ever to be Happy with Hermle

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