The Stratus Microplate Reader Is the Most Compact Plate Reader In the World

The Stratus Microplate Reader Is the Most Compact Plate Reader In the World

Don’t be fooled by his happy face…

The Stratus is ready to kick some serious molecular biology assay!

The Straus is a tiny absorbance microplate reader with a footprint of less than 6 x 6 inches enabling it to be parked inside almost any anaerobic chamber or glove box.

The Stratus is so well built, it can be operated in O2 or CO2 incubators and at relative humidity up to 99%.

The Stratus comes pre-set at 600nm and can be customized to the specific wavelength needed to conduct your assay.

Use the Stratus with your 6-well, 12-well, 24-well or 96 well microplates with no adjustments or modifications.

All parameters are set up initially using a computer connection and stored internally on a microSD card.

Once loaded, the Stratus can then be untethered and operated using just a minimal amount of power from the 5V USB cable that is included.

This arrangement frees the scientist to take the Stratus out in the field, to a remote clinic or wherever is closest to where the data is collected.

For applications which require the microplate to be shaken, purchase the optional microplate adapter clamp to secure the Stratus to a  single-plate microplate shaker (not included).

Use the Stratus microplate reader to measure bacterial growth and density, protein quantification, ELISA and reporter gene assays or measure cell proliferation and cytotoxicity/ apoptosis.

Easy to program and with no moving parts to break down or wear out, the Stratus absorbance microplate reader is a portable science lab in the palm of your hand.

Learn more about the Stratus microplate reader available from Stellar Scientific and read the application notes to see how the Stratus will simplify your science.