The New Hermle Z287-A is The One Benchtop Centrifuge You Need for Everything COVID-19

The New Hermle Z287-A is The One Benchtop Centrifuge You Need for Everything COVID-19

Laboratory centrifuges are typically segregated into clinical or molecular biology applications.

Centrifuges for molecular biology generally work with small volume microtubes which are centrifuged at high-speed for a lengthy time to separate nucleic components.

Clinical centrifuges are generally used for quickly spinning patient samples in test tubes or blood draw (vacutainer type) tubes at relatively low speed to prepare them for analysis and processing.

Because of these variations, it can be necessary for a laboratory to purchase multiple centrifuges with different capabilities to achieve their laboratory needs.

Not only can this be costly, the additional pieces of equipment can eat up valuable benchtop space.

With the world’s attention focused on testing for COVID-19 and developing vaccines and therapies, the need for a single, compact centrifuge that can do it all has never been more important or timely.

The new Z287-A benchtop centrifuge from Hermle just may be the only laboratory centrifuge you need for everything COVID-19 related, and into the future beyond.

The Hermle Z287-A centrifuge can be fitted with eleven different rotors which cover both molecular biology and clinical needs.

A laboratory that performs RT-PCR testing for Coronavirus can equip their Hermle Z287-A with this 24-place spin column rotor to extract viral RNA from patient samples.

With a few quick twists they can swap in a two-plate swing-out rotor for microplates to spin-down droplets before running the qPCR test.

A laboratory performing seroconversion tests can use the same microplate rotor to prepare their ELISA plates before insertion into the microplate reader.

If the lab is developing therapies involving convalescent plasma, the Hermle Z287-A has clinical swing-out rotors with buckets for 8 x 10mL tubes or four place buckets for 30mL or 50mL tubes.

There is even a high-speed hematocrit capillary rotor and a standard 24-place high-speed microtube rotor to further expand the capabilities of this benchtop centrifuge.

In addition to versatility, the Hermle Z287-A laboratory centrifuge delivers peace of mind with its comprehensive five-year full-coverage warranty.

Laboratory technicians will also appreciate convenient features like the EZ-Scroll™ touchwheel and color-changing LED indicators which allow for monitoring progress from the other side of the room.

Whether your laboratory has jumped into COVID-19 testing and research with both feet, or if you are looking for a benchtop centrifuge with capabilities to grow along with your work, the Hermle Z287-A benchtop centrifuge is an excellent and reliable centrifuge.