The Best RNase and DNase Free Pipette Tips for Your Lab Are From Stellar Scientific

The Best RNase and DNase Free Pipette Tips for Your Lab Are From Stellar Scientific

More and more labs are making the same discovery: Stellar Scientific's Teepa Tip series of micropipette tips are as nearly perfect a pipette tip as can be found. 

From sensitive molecular biology applications to manipulating cell culture media to preparing analytical samples, these RNase and DNase free pipette tips deliver when accuracy and precision count. 

Stellar Scientific Teepa Tips have been pitted against some of the most respected named pipette tips and received stand-out reviews for their low-retention properties among other attributes. 

For example: This email from a lab manager at Johns Hopkins University:  

"I tested the low retention Teepa Tips with the Denville tips and the Teepa tips won! Plus the 10ul Teepa Tips work better with the multichannel pipets."

Here are seven frequently asked questions we receive about our Teepa Tips

1. Do you offer filter and non-filter pipette tips?

Yes. Teepa Tips are available in three formats: Filter tips (sometimes called barrier tips), non-filter tips and reloadable tip. 

2. Are Teepa Tips PCR clean? 

Yes. Regardless of how our Teepa Tips are packaged they are all certified to be RNase/DNase free. Our filter and pre-racked non-filter tips have been sterilized while our reload tips must be autoclaved prior to use where sterility is required. 

3. Are Teepa Tips NPE (Nonylphenol) Free? 

Yes. If your lab is working with sensitive human samples or doing IVD work we would be happy to provide documentation and certification. 

4. What sizes can I purchase Teepa Tips? 

Teepa Tips are currently available in these pipette tip sizes: 

10uL extended length (filter/non-filter)

20uL (filter only)

100uL (filter only)

200uL (filter/non-filter)

300uL (filter/non-filter)

1250mL (filter/non-filter)

Labs that are concerned about shearing forces damaging their cells can purchase Teepa Tips with a wide bore opening in sizes 200uL and 1250mL

5. How many pipette tips do I get when I purchase a case of Teepa Tips?

Teepa Tips come in packs of ten racks of ninety-six tips for a total of 960 tips regardless of the tip size. Each case is made up of five packs of pipette tips for a total of 4800 pipette tips. 

Our 1250uL tips are the exception: Each case is made up of four packs of 960 pipette tips for a total of 3840 tips. 

6. My lab has a variety of pipettes. Can I use Teepa Tips with all of them? 

We are constantly collecting data about which pipettes work best with Teepa Tips. 

We confidently recommend Teepa Tips to labs that use these pipettes: 

Accuris NextPette

Eppendorf (including Eppendorf Research)

Gilson (and all Gilson style knock-offs)


Labnet Biopette Plus single and multichannel pipettes, V-Pette and fixed volume pipettes

Labnet Excel Electronic Pipettes

Rainin Regular (but not the Rainin LTS)

Sartorius (but not 300uL multi-channel pipette)

Of course, any of our Stellar Sci Propette brand of single or multi-channel pipettes

7. Where did you come up with the name for these pipette tips? 

Teepa is the word for "droplet" in Hebrew, and we felt the play on words with TIP was too much to resist. 

Incidentally, visitors may notice that the page heading is actually Teepah with an "h". 

We initially were concerned that people might pronounce the word with a hard "A" sound and thought the "h" would help. 

In the end, we found everyone loved the name and gravitated to its pronunciation very naturally.