Stellar Scientific and CellTreat Have Teamed Up To Give You a Huge Deal

Stellar Scientific and CellTreat Have Teamed Up To Give You a Huge Deal

Wouldn't it make life simpler if you did not have to shop around for hours to find high quality lab supplies from a company you can trust that won't gouge out your budget? 

We think so. Which is why Stellar Scientific is very pleased to share the good news with our friends, partners and customers that we've negotiated an amazing deal for you. 

CellTreat is a very well known and respected manufacturer of laboratory cell culture ware. Among their many products are serological pipettes, vacuum filter systems, conical tubes, tissue culture flasks, and more. 

With an expansive warehouse in Pepperell, Massachusetts, CellTreat is able to deliver exceptional turnaround time on orders and come through with timely shipments. 

Our East coast customers can anticipate receiving their orders within one to two days and those to the west of the Mississippi will have a four to five day delivery window. 

Stellar Scientific was able to negotiate a comprehensive buy three, get one free deal on almost the entire CellTreat catalog. 

Unlike many competitors who offer similar deals from their suppliers, you are not required to purchase three of a kind to receive the free product. 

Simply mix and match any three CellTreat cell culture items and we will ship you a fourth for free, equal to the least expensive of your order. 

Each qualifying CellTreat product has been specially labeled with a window frame that identifies it as eligible for the promotion. Look for symbols like this as you shop: 

Our website has been automated so that if you do choose to purchase three of a kind, a fourth will be placed into your cart free of charge. 

It has never been easier to obtain high-quality laboratory cell culture plastics. 

To add to the excitement, CellTreat just announced the newest member of their serological pipette family, a 100mL pipette. 

We have playfully nicknamed this the MOAP, or Mother of All Pipettes. 

Surprisingly light and easy to handle, the 100mL serological pipette will help you speed through plating activities by significantly reducing the amount of time needed to reload. 

Stellar Scientific and CellTreat - Teaming up to save you time and money!