Purchase KN95 Masks That Are Verified FDA Registered, Have a Fifth Layer of Protection and Cost Less

Purchase KN95 Masks That Are Verified FDA Registered, Have a Fifth Layer of Protection and Cost Less

While KN95 and N95 masks sound nearly the same, there are design differences which have led many to prefer the N95 and reject the KN95, aka the Chinese N95 mask.

An N95 mask, also known as a respirator, is cup shaped and designed for a very snug fit around the nose and mouth.

N95 masks feature dual bands, one that straps to the higher part of the head and one around the lower portion above the neck, which provided a more secure fit.

On account of these features, an N95 mask will barely budge when the wearer exhales, a valuable metric used in determining the effectiveness of PPE according to 3M and others.

KN95 masks feature ear loops to hold the mask in place and do not have the “Darth Vader” like respirator, but they do include a pliable metal nose-bridge which increases contact with the face for a firm seal around the mouth and nose.

At the outbreak of COVID-19 only NIOSH approved N95 masks were accepted by the CDC and FDA for use in healthcare environments.

The primary concern surrounding the KN95 was the ease which they could be forged and the fear of putting shoddy products in the hands of front-line defenders. The market was flooded with fly-by-night companies outbidding each other for FDA approved KN95 masks, most which turned out to be inferior.

Even powerful businesspeople like Robert Kraft and companies like Kaiser Permanente were duped or victims of scam artists offering dubious or completely non-existent N95 mask deals.

As the pandemic progressed and it became clear that manufacturing and suppliers were not about to catch up anytime soon, on April 3 rd the FDA relented and gave approval for KN95 masks to be used in hospital settings provided they can be authenticated.

Even with the FDA (and CDC) blessings, many hospitals have been slow or reluctant to accept a KN95 mask out of fear their KN95s may not perform correctly or they will be confiscated by customs agents believing they are fraudulent.

Neither of these fears are concerns with the KN95 offered by Stellar Scientific.

Our supplier has worked with our manufacturer for more than four years and has a deep, trusting relationship.

We took our time jumping in, waiting till we found someone we knew well and trusted.

When you receive our KN95 masks you will see the FDA and CE certifications on the product pack and on the outer package match the FDA and CE certificates on file .

Unlike other KN95 masks, our KN95 masks feature a fifth filtration layer offering better performance and protection.

Stellar Scientific offers FDA registered KN95 masks in quantities as low as five-hundred pieces up to over one-hundred-thousand pieces.

Our price includes delivery to your location and lead times are currently ranging from 11-14 business days from when we receive an order

Have questions about our KN95 masks or looking for a larger quantity than offered on the website? 

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