Product of the month: The Labnet Prism air-cooled and Prism R centrifuges

Product of the month: The Labnet Prism air-cooled and Prism R centrifuges

The benchtop centrifuge is a laboratory mainstay. Unlike their hefty "ultra-centrifuge" cousins, these smaller devices are used for everything from quick spin-downs, to more complex molecular separations. 

Ideally they should provide sufficient power, yet be compact enough to not crowd the bench. 

Many factors go into selecting the right benchtop centrifuge for your research. We'd like to note several considerations and share why, from our experience, the Labnet Prism offers unparalleled value. 

The three most basic questions that should be asked are:

1. What is the the sample size one needs to spin?

2. How many samples need to be spun at once?

3. What is the desired speed needed to achieve the required result? This is measured in terms of either RPMs or RCF, which is a factor that computes the relative "g-force" produced. 

By and large, the most common sample size is the 1.5mL tube, commonly known as the "eppendorf tube".  Depending on the throughput, the average lab works with anywhere between 12-44 samples at once. 

With a capacity of 24 x 1.5mL, the Prism and Prism R are positioned in the "sweet-spot" for productivity. 

The Prism R refrigerated benchtop centrifuge features a top-speed of 13,500 rpm, which equates to more than 17,000 xg - plenty of power for most molecular biology/DNA protocols. 

Its powerful refrigeration system quickly cools to 4C within eight minutes, and bottoms out at a low -10C. 

The Prism air-cooled offers a maximum speed of 15,000 rpm (21,200 x g) for very efficient separation of nucleic acids and protein samples.

These are the basic elemental features that are required to compete with the established "brand name" companies. 

But here are a few things you might NOT think to ask, which are also very important considerations. 

1. Warranty - The Labnet Prism and Prism R benchtop centrifuges come STANDARD with a two-year warranty. That is the best in the industry, and double what is offered by the "E" company or the "THF" company. 

2. Quiet - Soft on the ears. A gentle click lets you know the lid lock is engaged. Even at top speeds, the Prism and Prism R offer a respectable <70dB noise level. 

3. Ease to operate - Unpack and be up and running in minutes. Everything is simple and intuitive. 

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