One simple decision that will save your lab hundreds of dollars on PCR supplies

One simple decision that will save your lab hundreds of dollars on PCR supplies

If you recently purchased a new thermal cycler or real time qPCR machine for your laboratory, we are willing to bet you received a package deal that included free PCR plates, tubes and reagents. 

If you are old enough to remember those sweet "X records (or tapes/CDs) for a penny deal", you will recognize a similar business model at work. 

With any frequently used consumable, the goal is to have as many users "subscribe" to produce a steady revenue stream. 

One way to get people to sign up is to create significant good will from the outset; often in the form of an insanely low price for the machine or device, with the hope this will propel the user to want to continue using goods from the company that gave away so much free stuff. 

Another technique is to position a particular consumable as the only reliable product that can work in tandem with that machine/device. 

In many cases, that is the truth. 

But when it comes to PCR plates and strip tubes, there is ample evidence that this is not so

Stellar Scientific offers a PCR plate or strip tube for almost every thermal cycler on the market. We've tested and independently validated our results dozens, and in some cases, hundreds of times over. 

We have PCR plates and strip tubes for end-point PCR devices as well as qPCR thermal cyclers

Stellar Scientific is so confident we can match your OEM PCR plate or strip tube, that we've initiated a challenge to any lab that will give ours a test: 

If you are not satisfied, we will refund your purchase including all shipping fees and give you a $50 store credit.

On average, we save labs between $50-135 per order of 100 PCR plates, and $15-20 per pack (125 strips) of 8-place PCR strip tubes. 

While we're on the subject of PCR: Why not ask for a free sample of one of our Accuris brand end-point PCR or qPCR reagents? 

Did you know there are no overnight shipping fees for customers in the Mid-Atlantic, New England and most of the East Coast? 

That's right. No flat $35-45 add-on expense for "cold shipment" to eat into your lab budget. 

And, orders over $250 ship for free anywhere in the USA!

Ready to take the challenge? Contact us with the make and model of your thermal cycler and catalog number of the plates or tubes you currently use. 

We're ready to wow you!