Now Featuring Gradient Thermal Cycling - At Your Fingertips

Now Featuring Gradient Thermal Cycling - At Your Fingertips

While there are many things that can go wrong when setting up a PCR protocol, Stellar Scientific and Benchmark Scientific now make it possible to reduce two major points of frustration. 

We are pleased to announce a software upgrade to the popular TC9639 thermal cycler to add gradient capability.

Long a feature of costly high-end PCR machines, gradient allows for precise determination of exact annealing temperatures and optimization of the PCR process. 

The Benchmark Scientific TC9639 offers a gradient temperature range of 30-115C and a gradient differential of 1-30C as is common with other name-brand thermal cyclers that also offer this capability. 

Where the TC9639 really distinguishes itself is convenience. 

Featuring a gorgeous, full-color touch screen that can be simply programmed even while wearing lab gloves, it has never been easier to set up your PCR reaction. 

And, as is standard for the TC9639, the unique heating block comes with openings that can accommodate a full 96 well PCR plate, 96 individual PCR tubes OR 39 0.5mL tubes - all in the same block. 

Or choose the version that comes equipped with a 384 well block. Its up to you. 

To celebrate the roll out of this new and improved thermal cycler, the price will be reduced to less than $4000. 

Stellar Scientific and Benchmark Scientific are making it easy to own a piece of cutting-edge technology to upgrade your research without upgrading your cost.