Need boring lab supplies? Stellar Scientific can help with that

Need boring lab supplies? Stellar Scientific can help with that

While we regularly receive praise for our catalog of unique and colorful products, we know there are legions of uninteresting but dutiful lab supplies that lab managers scour for every day in search of better deals.

Admittedly, it is difficult to get inspired by autoclave bags and sharps containers, but we thought it might be fun to create a Top Five list of the most banal lab supply products we offer and rank them based on search inquiries and sales history.

Pipette racks – Everyone needs a place to store their serological pipettes. We have pipette storage racks in colorful ABS plastic and durable acrylic .

Autoclave bags – We’ve got autoclave and bio-hazard bags in many sizes and available in clear or red.

Lab timers – We have the very desirable four-place lab timer and a three-place lab timer. Great for keeping track of multiple activities at once. We use them to track who takes the longest shower in our house (I am not thrilled to report it is over fifteen minutes!).

Transfer Pipettes – As dull as they come, transfer pipettes still rank high on the list of lab supplies in demand. We have a nice assortment of transfer pipettes for research and clinical labs that also work great in the cannabis dispensary and toy markets too. My youngest recently got a Barbie® nail salon that came with pipettes. Too bad it wasn’t a STEM Barbie®. I guess that is asking a lot.

Wash bottles – Our GHS compliant wash bottles can be purchased in packs of five; Methanol, Ethanol, Acetone, Isopropyl and Distilled water, or starter packs of one of each. Based on how they are purchased, we think of these as the “french-fries” of lab supplies.

There you have it: The Boring Lab Supply Hall of Fame.

Whether you are expanding your lab or just replacing and updating to freshen things up, shop Stellar Scientific for all of your lab equipment and supplies!