My Lab is A Mess! Are There Inexpensive Ways To Eliminate Confusion And Keep This Lab Neat?

My Lab is A Mess! Are There Inexpensive Ways To Eliminate Confusion And Keep This Lab Neat?

Whether your lab has a singular focus, or each bench performs different experiments, the lab manager bears the ultimate responsibility to keep everything organized.

Color code your lab for efficiency:

Color coding is a simple tool for identifying laboratory items based on personnel or application.

Laboratory equipment has been revitalized with splashy colors to help differentiate small items like mini-centrifuges, vortex mixers and even manual pipettes.

The savvy lab manager can designate lab equipment for the clean room with one color, the PCR hood another and general benchtop work yet a third.

There are now conical tubes with colorful caps, tube racks and cryogenic boxes in different colors too.

Colorful freezer boxes make it easier to locate samples while colorful tubes and racks help set up reagents in sequential order.

Are colored boxes, tubes and colored racks enough to organize a lab?

Despite these progressive innovations, laboratory organization tools have been limited to a basic pallet of colors, generally primary colors like blue, red, yellow and green.

In addition to offering a small scale of color choices, scientists who are color blind do not benefit from these color options.

Laboratory tape in twenty-six colors provides a wide variety

Stellar Scientific offers durable laboratory tape in a riot of colors, twenty-six in all, including gold, silver, salmon, lavender and chartreuse.

Dress your lab up like it’s a designer runway!

Colorful laboratory tape comes in three sizes and two different tape length.

Choose ½ inch laboratory tape for labeling small tubes or tagging pipettes.

Choose ¾ inch laboratory tape for labeling 15 and 50mL conical tubes, larger western blot boxes, and cell culture dishes and flasks.

Choose the widest, one-inch laboratory tape for sealing bottle tops, marking carboys and more.

If you can dream it, we can organize it!

Our colorful laboratory tape can be written on with pencil, pen and permanent marker with smudge-free results.

Our lab tape is oil and chemical resistant and will stay attached to surfaces in chilly -23C temperatures or as hot as 121C too.