Make Your Workplace Safer And Reduce the Spread of Coronavirus With These Four PPE Items

Make Your Workplace Safer And Reduce the Spread of Coronavirus With These Four PPE Items

“How can I make my workplace safe and protect my employees from spreading or catching COVID-19” is the question everyone is asking and worried about.

Getting back to work and our daily routines is a key part of putting the country, and our lives, back on stable footing.

We cannot quarantine indefinitely, but we must not rush back to work without making sure we have put into place a thoughtful plan for keeping one another safe from Coronavirus.

On July 6th NPR published an article that identifies three different ways how Coronavirus is suspected to be spread indoors; Droplets, aerosols and fomite.

Stellar Scientific offers PPE (personal protection equipment) to address each area of concern and will help make your workplace safer and protect your staff and customers.

It is well understood that COVID-19 is spread through contact with virus particles in the form of droplets and possibly through fomite as well.

Droplets are produced when an infected person sneezes, coughs, speaks or breathes close to another person.

Two PPE items that offer protection from viral droplets are plastic face shields and face masks.


We offer fog-free face shields from three manufacturers in different quantities and price points.

All our plastic face shields have a comfortable head cushion and adjustable elastic band for proper fitting and full face protection.

FDA registered 3-ply masks and KN95 masks are made of several layers of material and, when fitted over the mouth and nose, help block and reduce the amount of Coronavirus particles being exhaled or inhaled.

When paired together, a plastic face shield and well-fitting face mask go a long way to making a safer work environment.

Fomite are droplets of viral particles that have come to rest on a surface and may remain potent for some time.

When a person touches these Coronavirus particles with their hands and then touches their eyes, nose or mouth, the viral particles can enter their body and start the infection.

Affected surfaces can be nearly anything in the workspace including cellphones, faucets, doorknobs, etc.

An alcohol-based wipe made with at least 70% IPA (isopropyl alcohol) is a very effective tool for cleaning and disinfecting commonly touched surfaces.

Our cans of IPA saturated cotton cloth wipes are durable for thorough wiping and soft enough for most surfaces.

When combined with proper handwashing and social distancing these four PPE items help make a safer work environment.

Do you need to test or screen employees before permitting them to return to work?

Stellar Scientific has the Healgen Scientific FDA EUA authorized rapid blood test available for purchase in kits of 100 pcs.

We are ready to help do our part to keep people safe and get them back to work.