Large Stackable Shaking Incubators Save Floor Space While Increasing Growing Capacity

Large Stackable Shaking Incubators Save Floor Space While Increasing Growing Capacity

When scaling up production of suspension cells or biomass, laboratories are challenged to maximize capacity without losing scarce floor space.

A stackable shaking incubator provides a simple solution to this problem.

Shaking incubators are designed to maintain precise temperature and feature an integrated orbital shaker to generate the oxygen transfer biomaterials require for healthy growth and reproduction.

The orbital speed of the integrated shaker varies from manufacturer.

A top speed of 300 rpm seems to be consistent among lab equipment sellers, but there are shaking incubators that can perform up to 500 rpm.

Because of the intense internal agitation, stackable shaking incubators need to be ruggedly built and capable of absorbing kinetic energy without wobbling or tipping over.

In a scenario where the bottom shaker is orbiting at 100 rpm while the top shaker at 300 rpm, a poorly made stacking shaking incubator could literally shake itself apart.

This famous video of the collapse of the Tacoma bridge is a good demonstration and reminder of what can happen when forces amplify one another:

Do all stackable shaking incubators work the same way?

In general terms, yes, they do.

All shaking incubators maintain the setpoint temperature for ideal growth and incorporate an orbital shaker device.

While all makes of shaking incubators have mechanisms for setting the temperature, orbital speed and duration of the heating and shaking event, sophisticated shaking incubators can be programmed to increase and decrease these variables over time according to the needs of the project.

All shaking incubators require clamp accessories to secure the growth vessels to the shaker floor.

Shaking incubator accessories include clamps for Erlenmeyer flasks, clamps for culture tubes or conical centrifuge tubes, and clamps for microplates.

Where the protocol does not require shaking at speeds beyond 100 rpm, no clamps are needed. Sticky mats can be used to provide more security without purchasing multiple clamp formats.

What is the Magic Clamp system, and how does it work?

Magic Clamps are a patented shaker clamp system from Benchmark Scientific unlike any other shaker clamp accessory.

All other shaking incubator clamps are screwed into pre-drilled holes in the shaker platform.

Changing clamps requires a screwdriver and the spare clamps must be carefully stored so the screws are not lost.

Benchmark Scientific orbital shakers and shaking incubators with the optional Magic Clamp system replaces the pre-drilled platform with a magnetized platform.

Clamp accessories feature a magnet in the base.

The combined magnetic forces of the platform and base magnets will hold any vessel securely even when shaking at 300 rpm.

Benchmark Scientific has released a new stackable shaking incubator, the 20L capacity H3020.

When stacked, this new shaker can handle up to eight (8) five-liter Erlenmeyer flasks like this one from our Tri-Bio family of flasks.

The Benchmark Scientific H3020 can be programmed to “thermal cycle” the temperature and speed up or down, and the timer will not begin counting down to the next step until both variables have reached their set-point.

The Benchmark Scientific H3020 comes with a petri dish shelf pre-installed to accommodate simultaneous shaking and non-shaking applications.

Where refrigeration is required, the H3022 model includes a compressor that can drop the internal temperature to four degrees Celsius.

With the optional Magic Clamp magnetic platform installed, making changes to accessories has never been easier.

Stellar Scientific is an authorized distributor of Benchmark Scientific orbital shakers and shaking incubators.

Whether your lab is starting out small or scaling up, there is a convenient and affordable shaking incubator that will deliver years of happiness.