​Laboratory Freezer Drawer Racks With Easy To Grip Handles Are a LifeSaver!

​Laboratory Freezer Drawer Racks With Easy To Grip Handles Are a LifeSaver!

Imagine trying to thread a needle while wearing a baseball mitt.

That is how frustrating it can be retrieving sensitive tissue samples stored in some brands of laboratory freezer drawer racks.

Stainless steel freezer racks at -80C (-112F!) are no laughing matter.

To avoid skin burns, thickly padded gloves are worn whenever accessing ultra-cold freezer samples.

Considering how this reduces dexterity, a high-quality laboratory freezer rack should be designed to simplify sample removal, not frustrate the lab technician.

A well-designed freezer rack is not only convenient, but it also aids in protecting the integrity of the frozen sample.

Every moment an ultra-cold freezer remains open can take hours for the temperature to recover once the freezer door has been closed.

Warm air swirling inside the lab freezer can lead to thawing samples and degrading genetic material and tissue.

The freezer drawer rack on the left is from the “other” lab supply company while the freezer drawer rack on the right is from Stellar Scientific.

Which of these handles looks easy to grasp?

Most people think all freezer racks are the same. And they are mistaken

Stainless steel freezer racks from Stellar Scientific offer valuable features like:

Side entry freezer racks have handles on both ends so the rack can be used left or right-handed.

96 well and 384 well plate freezer racks have full, metal bottoms for superior security.

Extra welding at key joints makes our freezer racks durable and long lasting.

With more than two thousand different types of freezer racks, Stellar Scientific can organize any lab freezer