Its Okay To Be Square If You Are A Centrifuge!

Its Okay To Be Square If You Are A Centrifuge!

Our customers are our best teachers. They help us better understand our products and discover unique features that would have otherwise not been appreciated. 

Recently a customer returned to place a new order for the same micro centrifuge she had bought from us a year before. 

Before moving forward with the purchase, she let us know that she was very happy with everything except for one small problem. 

Instead of using her centrifuge to spin down standard flat-capped micro tubes, she was working with Microtainer® blood tubes that have a pronounced cap. 

These tube caps made it impossible for her to use all the available slots in her rotor, as can be seen in this image: 

She wanted to know if there was any way to address this an allow her to spin more tubes at a time and improve the value of her investment. 

After reviewing our catalog of mini centrifuges it became clear that any round rotor was going to present this identical challenge. In order to achieve the desired g-force, the rotor would have to hold the tubes at a specific angle and this would mean caps will always get in the way of one another. 

But what if there was a centrifuge that did not have a round rotor? 

Sounds funny, right? Almost like a square wheel. 

But in fact, there is a mini centrifuge that offers this feature. The MyFuge 12 by Benchmark Scientific

This unique benchtop centrifuge sports a combination rotor that allows the laboratory technician to spin both 1.5/2.0mL and 0.2mL microtubes at the same time. 

The bird's-eye image below shows how this is done: 

This shape allows for additional space in between each micro tube so our customer can now triple the number of samples she had been able to process before. 

When it comes to centrifuges, squares know how to move!

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