Is Your HPLC Lab Protected From Volatile Organic Compound Exposure?

Is Your HPLC Lab Protected From Volatile Organic Compound Exposure?

Working in a scientific laboratory can be hazardous to your health.

Handling flammable solvents, submerging plastic tubes in liquid nitrogen, injecting small mammals with viruses are just a few of the accidents waiting to happen.

While the dangers of chemical inhalation are well known, analytical laboratories operating HPLC machines often use primitive methods to collect and store harmful byproducts that release volatile organic compounds into the air.

How do many HPLC labs deal with liquid waste currently?

Typically, lines of plastic tubing are used to direct chemical waste into recycled glass bottles placed nearby on the floor. These bottles are then closed with duct tape, parafilm or aluminum foil to prevent VOCs from escaping.

It would considered irresponsible to manipulate these solvents by hand outside of a chemical fume hood, but yet somehow this arrangement persists.

The irony is: Labs that are charged with evaluating the safety of some consumer product like medicinal cannabis, are at the same time causing harm to the HPLC operator.

What is the best way to protect the lab from accidental VOC inhalation?

To protect laboratory personnel from VOCs, a closed-loop system should be used to lock in HPLC solvent waste byproducts.

A closed-loop container features a tight-fitting cap with gasketed holes that seal around the tubing to prevent VOCs from accidentally escaping.

Closed-loop waste collection systems can be problematic though, if organic compound waste is allowed to build up inside the container.

The pressurized vapor will flow back up the tubing and impede the HPLC machine from operating correctly.

Since VOCs cannot be vented back into the room, introducing a passthrough filter will keep the lab technician safe while reducing vapor pressure.

The EZ-Waste™ system from Foxx Life Sciences is designed for superior protection from VOCs.

EZ-Waste™ carboys or bottles are made from bleachable HDPE and come with the incredible Versa-Cap. This unique two-piece cap makes it possible to rotate and lift off the bottle without disconnecting any of the tubing!

Versa-Caps come with all the ports and plugs needed to collect and capture VOCs from up to two HPLC machines.

EZ-Waste™ solves the pressure build-up issue by including a replaceable, active carbon filter exhaust tube.

EZ-Waste™ solvent collection carboys feature generous sized handles and a carrying notch in the base for safely transporting HPLC waste from the lab to a collection center.

This short video highlights all the safety and comfort features that make the EZ-Waste solvent collection system the safest way to collect HPLC waste.

Protecting lab personnel is the top priority of every lab and operations manager. 

Meet and exceed OSHA requirements with an EZ-Waste solvent waste system